About Me

Welcome to my world!

I’m Serena McGurk, a nineteen year old Computing/Digital Media student living in the centre of Aberdeen city located in the NorthEast of Scotland. As a creative student, I love all things Drama, Art, Technology, Fashion, Film and of course Writing related. I also love traveling, experiencing new cultures and learning new languages.

I am a major advocate all things relating to Mental Health and plan to preach positivity, encouragement and support/advice.

I love meeting new people and listening to people’s unique stories and experiences, or reading them! I watch a lot of documentaries, in fact, I binge a ridiculous amount of films and series in general.

I figured making a blog would be a great place for me to keep all my interests and passions in one place.

I also have pink hair currently, if you couldn’t tell!

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world’ – Albert Einstein