Look Again Festival 🎨

Hello my lovely, 

For the past few weeks Aberdeen has been hosting the fabulous ‘Look Again‘ art festival which I just happened to stumble across on its last weekend. This is the fifth year the festival has ran and the theme this year was ‘New Narratives‘ encouraging artists and designers to explore new territory in the form of creative projects. 

Here is a few of some of the things I got up too!

I got to jump into the world of virtual reality at Marischal College with ‘The Fourth Wall‘ by John Walter, a 360-degree immersive video exhibited in virtual reality. Considering this was his first VR work, I was very impressed. The composition features a leitmotif that changes scale and character over the 4-minute video along with songs also written and performed by the artist. The experience was very hallucinary and memorable.

In front of Marischal College works by Jacqueline Donachie and Craig Barrowman could be found followed by an etsy fair situated at the back. 

‘Love at First Sight’ a large-scale structure; part pavilion, part-stage is probably one of the most recognisable and known attraction from the festival due to its central location encircling the Mercat Cross in historic Castlegate.


The artist behind the rainbow filled structure is Morag Myerscough. This was Myerscough’s first project in Scotland and was hand painted by the community involving 30 hard working volunteers.

‘I wanted people to fall back in love with their own place, go out and look at it as if it’s the first time they have been there.’ – Morag Myerscough

Myerscough also collaborated with Northeast based poet Jo Gilbert and the inside of the structure showcases her recent Doric poems inspired by Aberdeen itself.

The festival was truly amazing and hosted such a fantastic variety of events. I will definitely be looking our for when it returns next year.

Until next time,

– S ☾



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