Grampian Pride 2019🌈

Hello my lovely,

I had such a wonderful time the other day attending Aberdeen’s celebration of LGBTQ+ pride event ‘Grampian Pride’. This was a fantastic event that celebrated the LGBTQ community in such a positive and inclusive way.

At 10.30am we paraded down Aberdeen’s most prestigious street and filled it with thousands of rainbows. I was taken aback by the amount of support and huge amount of allies clapping and cheering as we walked past. It was honestly so moving to see people of all ages and of all genders connected by love. There was also a mass of attendees from a variety of different countries where LGBTQ rights are not yet recognized; seeing how moved they were by Aberdeen’s acceptance was truly something I will never forget.

This was my first time attending a pride event and I was not disappointed despite, the drop in temperature and light showers. In the afternoon we made our way to the beach boulevard where ‘Pride Village’ was set up, full of stalls, food, drinks and a main stage opened by Aberdeen’s own Vansleep. It felt like a festival environment and everyone was so friendly. I’ve truly never felt more comfortable in such a busy setting, seeing how happy everyone was and how positivity just beamed was just magical. There was a mass of acts suited to all genres of music and entertainment, something for everyone. It was so great seeing not only young children enjoying the celebrations, but an array of adorable dogs kitted out in rainbow collars.

I will 100% be attending pride next year and would love attend other pride events out with my city.

Until next time,

– S ☾

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