Aberdeen Harbour Tours🐬

Hello my lovely,

I recently had the most amazing offshore experience on my doorstep at my local harbour in Aberdeen City.

Aberdeen Harbour Tours  or ‘Greenhowe Marine Services‘ is a family run business that has ran for 25 years in the heart of the Granite City. The business offers harbours tours and day trips out to see dolphins but, its main business is crew transfers from ships to the Aberdeen shore.

After living here for almost 19 years I never realised how close dolphins were to the shore and harbour. I almost feel gutted that I never knew earlier!

I went to the 11am booking on a Saturday and was very lucky with how sunny and warm the weather was. The captain and crew were very down to earth and friendly, they offered in depth knowledge of the harbour and marine life as well as, sharing their personal experiences. All the crew are fully qualified and experienced mariners. The trip felt very relaxed and I even got a shot at playing captain and learnt how to steer the boat which was unexpected but very fun.

The dolphins are rarely unseen but it does come to down to luck as there are days where they are further out etc but that doesn’t halt the experience at all as, being at sea and looking at the Aberdeen landscape from afar is truly spectacular. During my experience, we were unsure if we would get to see them properly as we witnessed fins and flickers of water, but they quickly disappeared. Luckily, nearing the end of our tour we got to witness four dolphins trailing behind the boat showing off their aquatic jumps and choreographed dives.

I would positively recommend the harbour tours to anyone whether it be families, dolphin lovers or anyone who wants to embrace their inner sea captain. It is truly a must see and do that I will certainly be doing again soon.

Until next time,

– S ☾

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