Huskyhaven 🛷

Hello my lovely,

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience of driving my first ever husky sled team!

 Huskyhaven is situated in Netherly Road, Stonehaven and is home to 22 Siberian Huskies which allow visitors to not only indulge themselves in husky cuddles but also get hands on and drive a sled team with around 3-6 suitable dogs. 

Their website gives you a little insight into the history of sled dog racing but more in depth details are covered during your visit. 

The Siberian husky was bred by the Chukchi people in Siberia for the purpose of providing transport for them and their goods. They would cover over 100 miles a day carrying supplies between villages and even the hunting grounds they were good for carrying moderate loads over great distances while expanding the least amount of energy and food.

It was around 1908 that a Russian fur trader William Goosak brought his team of Siberian Huskies to Alaska to race in the all Alaskan sweepstakes. These were the first team of Siberians to take part in the tradition of sled dog racing and covered over 400 miles. The dogs were described as small and compact and didn’t compare to the longer legged Alaskan Huskies that were already renowned for there race qualities.There are three packages available that will allow visitors to take part in sled driving on different trails and some offering a more lengthy time scale.

The package I took part in was the ‘Twilight Experience‘ which lasted around 2 hours and was around 2-3 miles long. When arriving at Huskyhaven you are greeted with 22 excited dogs as they know that when clipped into their place with their name tagged above them they are about to run. After being given an initial briefing and instructions on how to drive the huskies in order for it to be safe and enjoyable you are no sooner harnessing up the dogs as staff chose you a suitable team to drive. My team was made up of 4 huskies all of which were so friendly and truly adorable.

As the dogs were being tightened and I realised I was going to be driving myself I was very scared considering my lack of experience with sled dog driving however, as soon as it began the adrenaline rush was insane and you can tell the dogs just love it. 

My time at Huskyhaven is something I will never forget and I will definitely be returning again. The dogs are treated so well and not one dog was aggressive, they all just want to be cuddled or play. It was a truly amazing experience especially for a dog lover like me.

If you want a ridiculous amount of husky cuddles and kisses you should 100% check it out. 

Until next time,

– S ☾

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