Hello my lovely,

If you have been following me recently you will have know that I am quite new to the blogging world and have mysteriously disappeared for the last few weeks. Truth be told I have no exciting justification apart from the fact that I have been drowning in waves of deadlines and coursework for my last month of third year at university (hopefully). I decided to make a little update to tell you what has changed in my life since then etc.

I no longer have pink hair and have been questioned a few times about whether I will be changing the name of my blog and truth be told I have no plans too. If you know me personally or even just follow my movements online you will know that I constantly change my hair colour and even wear wigs sometimes to spice my life up, so who knows when or if the pink hair may return. However, if any of you lovely readers have a fantastic blog name idea for me be sure to let me know and I may steal it but give you credit of course!

There’s not much else that has changed minus my new obsession for house plants! I will likely be posting about them soon as I’m growing fond of my plant babies despite, my cat attacking them or knocking them off my window leaving lovely soil paw prints all over my nice white sheets… not impressed is an understatement!

Until next time,

– S ☾

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