How I Dye My Hair Pink💗

Hello my lovely,

My hair is beginning to fade out which means dying time so I can get back to the more vibrant dusty pink colour that I love. A lot of people ask me what dye I use etc and so I decided it would make a great post for those interested in bringing colour into their hair without the commitment of it being permanent.

The dye I use is a semi permanent washout dye that gradually fades over 1-2 weeks which allows me to switch and change my hair colour whenever I want. I am a very indecisive person and often change my mind on my hair colour so I find this perfect.

The name of the dye I use is ‘Colorista in the colour ‘Dirty Pink’ which I usually buy from Superdrug for around £6.99 which is a great deal especially since the product is also vegan. 

Since using Colorista dye I’ve also found that my hair is in much better condition as the dye is based on chroma-cream technology in a conditioning hair-mask base which cares for your hair and makes it super soft.

I have quite long hair so I usually need two boxes and I often get my boyfriend to help me as I can completely miss out patches of my hair which can look a bit strange so, if you’re a bit clumsy like me I would 100% recommend grabbing a friend to play hairdresser for the day.

The pastel shades are for blonde or prelightened hair but it’s not just for the blondes! Vivid shades are for all hair types allowing everyone to add some colour into their hair perfect for upcoming festivals and the spring/summer months. 🌈

Until next time,

– S ☾

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a hairdresser so this isn’t professional advice.

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