Hello my lovely,

Yesterday my parents and I stumbled across Aberdeen’s newest chic café ‘AVO’ the NorthEast’s first all avocado eatery located on the ground floor of Aberdeen market.  The café only launched on Monday and is already proving to be very popular due to its unique but beautiful decor and delicious menu. 


Healthy, delicious, sustainable’ – AVO


The owner’s have spent the last two months refitting the unit themselves creating a great space for taking out and sitting in.

AVO sources all their products locally helping to support the community and offer a selection of salad jars, toast, waffles, coffee, smoothies and everyday they offer different avocado specials including a cheesecake. 

On my visit, I had the ‘SASSY LASSI’ smoothie, an adventurous concoction of avocado, mango, apple, coconut and yogurt which was delightful. The smoothie arrived in a vintage glass mason jar and the paper straw was pastel green and white which twinned with the colour of the smoothie. Regrettably, we had already eaten but I will definitely be returning to try their toasts and salads; my parents were keen too!

The ceiling is decorated with hanging flowers and lights which stunningly contrast to the wood furnish and black gallery wall, it’s something that’s worth seeing for sure. 

Whether you want to feel at one with nature in the city centre, looking for a healthy but scrumptious meal or just a complete avocado addict! You should 100% give it a visit. 

Until next time,

– S ☾

Check out and follow AVO’s Instagram @avoabz

Disclaimer: Feature image belongs to Society Aberdeen. 

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