Hello my lovely,

I stumbled upon my first digital art event available online through the popular social media website Tumblr. Creamy-Dreamy-Cockatoo is the digital creation by Emma McCarthy and Emma Nellies in reply to the ‘Mustard Blanket’ exhibition by Frances Disley, Flo Gordon and Laura McGlinchey  . This was displayed at The Suttie Arts Space in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary between 9 July and 2 September 2018. I found this event through the ‘Grampian Hospital Arts Trust‘ facebook page which is a charitable organisation making art for healthcare to create a welcoming environment for patients, staff and visitors of NHS Grampian healthcare facilities.

“On a short trip we prodded about a mustard blanket, to see what would fall out. Creamy-Dreamy-Cockatoo is an event involving excerpts of sound and writing on a dubious screenscape. We see this webpage, and our work that lives there together, as fleeting and forever. It will live online for 2 months including our limited edition print-at-home images, after which will then be replaced by a still edit and image description. View the live publication at roughly 50% zoom on your browser size for full effect.”

words exclusively by emma m
sounds exclusively by emma n
Creamy-Dreamy-Cockatoo by EMMA

This online event-publication includes sound, buttons leading to a written extract and a printable image which will be live until 24th March 2019 when it will be replaced by a static archival version.

There is also a description page available on the pdf below which I think is great as the art allows impaired viewers to be included in the experience.

About the Artists:
Working collaboratively as ‘EMMA’ are friends and artists Emma McCarthy and Emma Nellie.

Emma McCarthy (based in Dundee) expresses her love of philosophy/phenomenology, fiction and cliffhangers through drawing, video and writing.

Emma Nellies is a writer and artist living in Fife taking daily interactions/reactions to discuss deeper implications of surviving the post-capitalist climate. She is enjoying how absurd the results become the more realistic she tries to be.

The online publication is definitely a must see and is very psychedelic, you almost feel transported into a new world. The image itself is also very interesting and showcases a kind of shape symmetry with a metallic gradient background with the outline of a Cockatoo bird contrasted to the same cockatoo but in colour.

The audio is almost like a sonar at first until mixing with synthesiser chord changes and aspects of voice and human reactions.

The written extract is like a song with the repeating chorus of ‘Blue Babe, let me be there for you when you chip and crumble’. The piece itself is very well written and I feel like each viewer will interpret it in a different way and produce their own story in their mind.

Overall the event is a must see especially as it will only be online for another week!

Until next time,

– S ☾

Disclaimer: The image is not mine.

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