Brunch At Formartine’s🍴

Hello my lovely,

Today I took a lovely trip to the cafe and shop ‘Formartine’s’ set in the picturesque woodlands of the Haddo estate. This is one of my favourite spots when visiting my family in the nearby Aberdeenshire town, Ellon. Today I was joined by my gran who is my go to partner in having a good chat, drink and of course cake!

We love going to Formartine’s as the setting is just beyond words, the windows all look onto golden fields and tall trees. There is actually a lake you can walk to which often has swans and is a must see during the summer months when its not too chilly unless, you’re willing to wrap up. Formartine’s also has a shop filled with local products including produce from their own estate and smoke house as well as, art and gifts.

In their cafe they source all their ingredients locally and everything is handmade. I of course had a hot chocolate (which I must admit is becoming a slight addiction lately…) accompanied by eggy bread or french toast if you’re fancy. The eggy bread was so so good, really golden and not too crispy, I’ve had it a lot in other places where it has been very greasy or slightly overcooked however, I must admit in Formartine’s it was perfect. Lastly I indulged in a slice of Victoria sponge which is my favourite cake, no pressure. I can safely say it was delicious, both my gran and I didn’t leave a crumb! If you’re familiar with cakes at all the sponge was very well done and not dry which is what I usually find happens with Victoria sponge. You can definitely tell the cake was handmade too as the filling wasn’t too sweet or tasting at all of artificial ingredients (some supermarket cakes taste very chemically).

Overall, my experience at Formartine’s was great and it always has been. I would definitely recommend going especially if you have children as there is a play area and lots of walks. The beautiful Haddo house is also just next door.

Until next time,

– S ☾

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